Six clubs to make up the South West Division Two Conference...

MANY of the South West American Football Clubs are getting excited as we prepare for the announcement of this season’s fixtures from BAFA (British American Football Association) which will reveal who will be playing who on the opening day of the season (Sunday, April 15).

This year, as previously reported, the South West Division Two conference is made up of six teams, the Cornish Sharks, Worcestershire Black Knights, Jurassic Coast Raptors, Torbay Trojans and newcomers to the League, Somerset Wyverns and South Wales Warriors, who will all fight it out to advance to the Play-Offs.

An interesting point for the Conference this season will see the sides only playing eight games, instead of the normal ten. This is because BAFA want to encourage associate sides to come forward and play against the regular League teams so they can demonstrate they mean business when they join BAFA and this, in turn, should increase new clubs for season 2019.

Last season, BAFA had around 14 new sides that applied to join the League but sadly only five were able to show evidence that they had managed to play League opposition. This was mainly due to the League sides not having the capacity to include these type of games.

Hopefully, this trial will prove successful and help support new clubs to achieve League status.

Overall, BAFA now have a membership of over 90 clubs and, the great thing is, that figure will grow even more over the next few months.

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