Bolt bows out

SPRINT legend Usain Bolt bowed out on the biggest stage last night.

But the big race proved the big anti-climax as Justin Gatlin greeted by boos from the huge crowd when he entered the stadium beat the sport’s biggest star into third.

Bolt’s day of triumph had alread been not without surprise or controversy.

He eased off in the semi-final, finishing second.

And World Championships organisers dismissed criticism from Bolt about his starting blocks for the 100 metres.

The eight-time Olympic champion hit out at the blocks following his heat on Friday night in London.

Bolt seemed slow out of those blocks after a huge welcome from the crowd.

And in a fast race he could not produce one more ferocious finish to claim a 12th World Championship gold medal in the 100 metres in the London Stadium.

Nevertheless, the crowd still saluted the Jamaican after the race.