‘Lifetime Achievement’ award for Turner

Dave Turner is one of the army of unassuming volunteers without whom the sport of athletics wouldn’t exist at grass-roots level so it is great to see his contribution recognised at a national level.

Dave Turner was presented with a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award from the England Schools Athletic Association

At their recent annual general meeting the England Schools Athletic Association awarded Turner a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award for his work as a PE teacher at Nailsea School which has spanned 37 years as well as his work at North Somerset and Avon County level, from cross country to track and sports hall.

This deserved award is from his colleagues on the ESAA committee in recognition of his dedication to encourage, motivate and train young people in the sport.

His interest stems from personal experience as a competitor in Welsh athletics and in the English Schools Championships as a youngster.

As a student at Nailsea Grammar School Turner represented Somerset Schools at the English Schools Championships with a second and third place being the highlight. He also enjoyed honours in the Welsh Games including a silver in the Welsh Senior long jump.

He is currently working with individual schools, local authorities and national athletic groups to promote the sport.

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