England take the Bowls British Women’s under-25 team title...

TORQUAY United duo Cassidy Lenton and Harriet Stevens returned triumphant from Nottingham last weekend, after playing key roles as England relieved the Scots of the British Women’s under-25 team title.

Stevens was not only making her junior international debut on carpet, but had been entrusted with the responsibility of skipping a rink.

And, with Lenton playing second, she came through with flying colours and returned three winning cards.

The series was notable for the inclusion of a makeshift team called the British Lions, who played in place of Ireland, who are sadly unable to field a side these days. The Lions comprised eight emerging English players, four Scots, three Welsh, and just one Irish player.

The sole Irish representative, Chloe Watson, recently won the World Mixed Under-25 Matchplay title at Potters Resort, and, as luck would have it, skipped the Welsh trio against the English rink skipped by Stevens in the opening match.

With Rebecca Moorbey, from St Neots, at lead, Lenton playing second, and Acle’s Anna Chalk at number three, Stevens powered to a 31-15 victory, and followed up with wins of 23-14 against Wales, and 23-15 against Scotland.

England started with a 106-64 win over the Lions, before overwhelming Wales, 114-46, then kept their record intact with a comprehensive 93-61 victory over the Scots, who had won the title in Wales last year.

In 12 rink games, England lost only once – and that, ironically, was a 21-16 defeat for the rink skipped by Katherine Rednall, who, in a sensational 11-day spell, recently won the World Women’s Matchplay, All-England Champion of Champions, and national under-25 titles.

The introduction of the British Lions proved to be a great success. The motivation of trying to impress their respective national selectors clearly galvanised the efforts of the emerging players, who combined well to beat Scotland, and enabled them to finish second, behind England, in the final overall league table.

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