Gloucester based Akeem Ennis-Brown has boldly predicted that boxing promoters and television stations will be ‘begging to sign him’ after he defeats Phillip Bowes this autumn, writes Ollie Young.

‘Riiddy’ is set to meet Bowes behind-closed-doors on September 1 with the British and Commonwealth super-lightweight titles on the line.
The duo have had two previous bouts cancelled due to injury and coronavirus and Ennis-Brown has told The Independent he is ready to move his career onto another level.
He said: “I am excited for this fight and these titles but I feel like I am past it now. I want to deal with this and get on with my future.”
The 24-year-old won’t just have his opponent to contend with, he will also have to deal with an unfamiliar lack of fans at the LS-LIVE arena in Wakefield.
Regardless, he is confident in his ability to to deal with the unusual circumstances.
“A lot of people have said they think it will just be like sparring but I disagree because it is in a studio with cameras. It’ll be different for everyone but we are going to find a lot about fighters and who can adapt. I know I can do it because if I see my goal, no matter what is in front of me, I’m going to get it.”
The unbeaten Ennis-Brown, whose last fight came against Bilal Rehman on March 1, did admit, however, that he will miss entertaining the fans.
“I like the crowd being there. I like to beat my opponent up then start looking and talking to the crowd before beating my opponent up again. I get energy from the fans. I flow with it because boxing is entertainment and it’s a show so I will miss the fans but it’s business as normal for me and I need to get those titles. I’d fight Phillip in my back garden with just my mum watching, that’s how real I am.”
The fight will be broadcast on ESPN+ and boxing YouTube channel IFLTV, with Ennis-Brown believing this is the perfect opportunity to boost his profile.
“Back in March, our fight was supposed to be on Sky Sports and that is still my goal but I definitely wanted one last fight on IFLTV before I move on. It’s a free platform and with this fight, hopefully I can capture a wider audience because there will be no fans in the arena. After this fight and I get those titles, TV platforms like BT and Sky will be begging me to sign for them.”

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