Cornwood Cricket Club’s Jackson Thompson has admitted the return of cricket will help ease some personal tragedy caused by Covid-19, writes Ollie Young.

Following the loss of his father, Thompson said the game he loves will help him, as well as many others across the country.

He told the Independent: “I have personally been affected by coronavirus. My father passed away and it has been a really tough time for everyone so to have cricket back is really relieving because it is the game we love.

“It will give everyone a lift, with the sun shining and the leather on the willow, it will make things so much sweeter for everyone.”

In announcing a return to action, Devon Cricket Board development manager, Matt Theedom, said: “Cricket is the first team sport that has been granted approval by the government to return to an adapted match play programme and this is fantastic news.

“This announcement brings with it a huge level of responsibility for us all. Collectively as a game we must do all we can to keep everyone involved safe at all times.

“It is immensely important that clubs read all of the guidelines thoroughly, as it is on the basis of these being followed that the government has approved the return of the game.”

Devon clubs will likely be playing in localised groups without promotion or relegation, similar to that of other counties, but former Heathcoat skipper Thompson believes that the mere fact cricket will be played is a bonus.

“We didn’t think we were going to be out there at all this season at all so it doesn’t really matter what format the cricket is. It’ll bring us hope and joy for the foreseeable and it really is a bonus.

“Cricket is one of the only sports where the whole family can come out and get together during and after the game.

“It will be great for everyone to be back amongst it. Of course, we want to play good cricket but at our level, it isn’t all about winning and losing, it’s about having a beer at the end of the day.”

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