TORQUAY United striker Brett Williams has joined Sutton United on a one-month loan deal.

Williams, 31, joins the National League side in search of game time after finding it difficult to break into the starting eleven at Plainmoor.

“It was a difficult situation for him living away from home for most of the week, not playing at the end of the week’s training due to the form of our two other strikers,” said Torquay manager Gary Johnson.

“We talked about it and it was difficult for him travelling across the south of the country as a substitute and the proximity of his new family.

“We decided I would allow him to go and play nearer to his home to get him some games, over the Christmas period especially. Sutton came in needing a striker and so we did a deal with them for a month. It’s not the best of months to lose one of your strikers. However, we made an agreement that when someone came in for him we would allow him to go out on loan.

“It’s a 28-day loan at the moment and we wish him well.”

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