HEAVY rain in Devon on Tuesday caused the postponement of Torquay United’s National League South match against Chelmsford City.

The decision to postpone the fixture due to a waterlogged pitch was made by match referee James Durkin  at 6:10pm.

Torquay insisted they did everything they could to avoid such a late postponement.

In a statement they said: “After some heavy rain and more expected on Tuesday night, a sustained attempt was made during the day to bring in a local referee for a pitch inspection. Unfortunately, none were available to come to Plainmoor to allow the possibility of an earlier postponement.

“The grounds team took every precaution possible before match day to give the game every opportunity to be played. For most of the day the pitch was in a playable state, and the grounds team continued working throughout.

“We would like to apologise for the late announcement and the inconvenience it has caused everyone attending the match.

“The decision to postpone the match was made by match referee James Durkin in a 6:10pm pitch inspection. A new date for the match will be announced in due course.”

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