Boss fully behind Gulls as transfer window draws closer

Torquay’s Guy Gnabouyou has earned praise from manager Gary Owers as he continues to ‘prove himself’ at the Gulls

Several clubs have made inquiries to take fit-again Torquay winger Jake Gosling on loan

Money always talks in football, and finance is bound to play a key role in Torquay United’s squad-strengthening efforts over the next few weeks, but head coach Gary Owers says that owner Clarke Osborne remains fully behind the club’s efforts to win the latest relegation battle.

With the futures of eight loan players and three more short or non-contract men to be decided in the near future, Owers said: “I haven’t spent anything that wasn’t budgeted for at the start of the season, although there is some work to be done on that front.”

But of Osborne, boss of owners Gaming International, Owers stressed: “He’s solid, and he’s got the club’s interests at heart – I can guarantee that.”

Because Osborne, who lives near Bristol, has made money in property and redevelopment over the years, many Gulls fans have been suspicious of his motives in acquiring the club 12 months ago – especially as he made no secret of his ambition eventually to move the club to a new stadium complex away from council-owned Plainmoor.

Interestingly, the previous regime headed by supporters David Phillips and Steve Breed proposed almost exactly the same thing, and for the same revenue-generating reasons, just over a year before that.

Osborne ‘bought’ the club for the £120,000 which he had loaned United in January 2017 and which Phillips’ Board was unable to pay back, and it may have been pretty cheap at the price.

But he must have known at the time that his outlay would not stop there, and it certainly hasn’t.

Current outgoings at Plainmoor, off the pitch as well as on it, must be outstripping income considerably at the moment.

But Owers is confident, and other sources close to Osborne confirm, that the GI boss is doing his bit – and more.

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