We’ve got a good core of players, but they’ve got to show it soon, says Owers

New Torquay United boss Gary Owers knows what a daunting task he has taken on, but he is even more determined to turn the Gulls around after just over a fortnight in the job.

“I knew it was a great club from the start, but I keep walking around the place and meeting more and more people here, and it’s miles better than we imagined,” said Owers, who has hugely-experienced coach Martin Kuhl as his assistant.

“The hardest thing for me is having people, who are worried about the situation we’re in, asking me ‘Are you okay?’

“Of course I’m okay, but it sometimes feels like there’s been a death in the family.

“I can understand that, because it’s a serious situation. But we are going to work through it.”

Owers went on: “We are trying to keep the pressure off the players, and take it on ourselves.

“Martin and I have been around for a long time. We believe in things being done in a certain way.

“There’s a good core of players in there somewhere, I can see that, but they can’t keep waiting for ever to show it.

“It might have surprised one or two how intense me and Martin are.

“But we can’t wait for them to decide to join in, we have to decide for them at the minute.

“I’m a pretty straight guy, and I will say it how I feel it. The last home game (Macclesfield, 0-1) wasn’t good enough, and I said so.

“But we are there to help the players – we are not ranters and ravers, we are trying to get that bit extra out of them and that means more intensity, more hard work, more desire.

“If they turn up to train, they’ve got to be ready from the first minute, not decide that it takes half-an-hour to get going.

“We will improve things and we will get there.

“I like to win, and I’m a bad loser, and I can’t wait for us to get that first win.”

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