A GROUP of Yeovil Town players have apologised after being pictured enjoying a night out after the club were relegated on Saturday.

The Glovers’ 2-2 draw at Northampton Town meant their 16-year stay in the Football League came to an end.

However, a group of players and staff were later pictured that evening smiling and laughing while in a bar.

The pictures upset some supporters of the Somerset club, who took to social media to make their feelings known.

The club have investigated the incident and said that those involved had been spoken to and the matter has been dealt with internally.

However, the group of those involved issued a joint statement.

It said: “We feel it’s important that we apologise to the club and supporters. Given the context of Saturday’s result at Northampton and the painful nature of relegation, it does not show any of us involved in a good light.

“As a collective group, we were left distraught with the consequences of Saturday’s draw at Northampton and, in a bid to air our frustration, a small group of us made the naïve decision to go to a bar.

“Whilst I’m sure many can understand us wanting to unwind and temporarily forget about what had been a difficult day, the photos taken especially don’t portray our intentions in the right manner and we can understand how it looks.

“It pains us to think that our actions on Saturday night have brought into question our commitment and empathy, as we can assure all those in association with the club that we are gutted with the season’s outcome.

“The photos were taken in the moment and without realisation of how they could appear to the fans, who would we cause no deliberate disrespect.

“We hope we can now focus on our final game of the season before working tirelessly to ensure 2019/20 can be a success.”

The club said they would not be make any further comment on the matter.

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