Celebrity chef joins Dorset police officers on drug patrol

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and Dorset Police traffic officers are featuring in an ITV documentary focusing on the impact of the international cocaine industry and how law enforcement is tackling the issue. The first of the two programmes aired on Thursday this week and the second will be shown next Thursday, October 26.

According to ITV.com, Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine shows the chef as viewers have never seen him before, stripping away the veneer of cocaine’s glamorous image to expose how behind the powder many Brits consume as part of a night out lies a trail of criminality, cruelty and death driving its global trade.

Britain is the biggest consumer of cocaine in Europe and in Ramsay’s own business, the restaurant trade, it is rife. He has witnessed it wreck the careers of colleagues and tragically he lost his close friend and chef protégé to a cocaine overdose in 2003.

Ramsay joined officers out on patrol for a special oper- ation to tackle the issue of drug driving back in April, which resulted in the arrest of two drivers who tested positive at the roadside for having cocaine in their systems.

Speaking during filming, Ramsay, said: “In just over three hours in Bournemouth on a random Thursday afternoon I’d witnessed two men nicked for drug driving and both of them on the school run.

“I’m shocked and nervous, the fact that it’s that prevalent, it is everywhere, in broad daylight. I think it’s the tip of the iceberg because it’s clearly going on a lot more than we know.”

Police Constable David Cotterill, who Ramsay joined on patrol, said: “It is great that Gordon is raising the issue of drug driving to a national audience. We’ve been able to test drivers at the roadside for drugs since March 2015 and in the first six months of this year, 360 drug tests were completed in Dorset alone, with 204 drivers being arrested after a positive sample was given.

“Driving under the influence of drugs can have devastating consequences and sadly, we’ve seen deaths on Dorset roads as a result of drivers having taken drugs.”

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