Historic and iconic cobbles that add to the character of Truro’s centre are set to be returned to their former glory from next week.

The cobbles in two areas of Boscawen Street were temporarily removed and replaced with tarmac after safety concerns were raised that the area had become very uneven.  Since then investigations have taken place to understand what was happening and now we are able to reinstate one of these areas.

The cobbles have been safely stored and work will take place from Monday to reinstate them near the War Memorial in Boscawen Street.

A four-week road closure will be needed to make sure that the material used to set the cobbles is given time to gain strength to cope with vehicles passing over them. Cornwall Council have been liaising with Truro BID, bus companies and taxi operators to let them know about the planned closure.

To keep disruption to a minimum, the council will be taking a phased approach to the replacement of the other area of temporary tarmac, and the re-laying of other areas of cobbles in Boscawen Street.

Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for transport Geoff Brown said: “The cobbles add to the character and distinctiveness of the City. I know that residents and visitors to Truro have been asking when they will be reinstated and now that work can begin.”

Cornwall Councillor for Truro Boscawen Bert Biscoe said: “’I am glad to see that the Highways Authority has been working hard to investigate the issues with the cobbles in Boscawen Street and develop ways to bed and bond the setts so that Boscawen Street needs less maintenance and can be consistently at its best.  Boscawen Street isn’t just beautiful, it’s also busy, as a front street should be.’’


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