Chef's Forum helping to nurture the next generation of chefs...

COOKING organisation Chefs’ Forum joined forces with chefs Bryok Williams (The Square at Porthleven), Ashley Gains (Rick Stein’s Porthleven), Ken Symons (Oliver’s), Ben Prior (Ben’s Cornish Kitchen) and Penwith College to stage a chefs’ lunch to raise vital funds for young chefs coming into industry.

The lunch came after five years of the forum working with Truro and Penwith College, whose Senara Restaurant in Penzance was launched to inspire, train and develop hospitality professionals in Cornwall.

The lunch raised £640 for The Chefs’ Forum Educational Foundation, all of which will support schools, colleges and education providers to transport students to work experience and industry events such as a hospitality industry taster day at Gloucestershire College recently, where three coaches were provided to transport eight local feeder schools to the event.

At the lunch, learners Hannah Salisbury, 24, and Ben Paulsom, 22, joined their Penwith College peers in the kitchen to cook with the visiting chefs.

Ken Symons said: “I love passing on my knowledge and skills to young chefs.

“I strongly believe that all good chefs should teach. It’s great to be here at the college today and there’s a great atmosphere created by all involved in this positive event.”

Catherine Farinha, founder of The Chefs’ Forum, said: “It was a real honour to collaborate with the College on The Chefs’ Lunch.

“It is amazing to see chefs in industry being so generous in supporting the next generation of chefs and front of house professionals with their time and expertise.

“Students at Truro and Penwith College always demonstrate great aptitude in showcasing their skills at our quarterly chef networking events in Cornwall; working with the top chefs in the kitchen today will build on their excellent skill sets, making them even more work-ready.”

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