CORNWALL for Europe, the campaigning group pressing for a People’s Vote on Brexit, have claimed that county has changed its mind about Brexit.

Latest opinion polls showing a big shift in opinion with a large majority of constituencies now supporting remain.

A recent large sample poll by Survation showed Cornwall would now vote remain with a swing of more than seven per cent since 2016.

Cornwall for Europe chair, Emmanuelle Brooke said: “A recent Survation poll of over 20,000 showed the nation is changing its mind. In particular Cornwall has changed. We see this every week as we hold street stalls throughout the County.”

Charles Boney, press spokesman added: “We are delighted that a groundswell of support for a People’s Vote is happening in Cornwall.

“Our campaign includes people from all parties working together as well as many people never involved in politics before. We have support for a people’s vote from local branches of Liberal Democrats, the Greens, Mebyon Kernow and many individuals from Labour and Conservatives.

“We are pleased that Labour seems to be moving towards a People’s Vote if they cannot trigger an election. We are pleased to see that Vince Cable is visiting Cornwall this week and hope to see leading personalities from other parties soon.

“We are not just pressing for the people to have their say but already beginning to plan the campaign.”



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