ASH dieback infected trees are being removed from alongside stretches of the North Devon Link Road this week.

The work is being done as a safety precaution along eight sections of the A361.

All work is being carried out during off-peak daytime hours between 9am and 4pm and the project should be finished by Friday.

Devon County Council cabinet member for highway management, Councillor Stuart Hughes, said: “This is essential work to keep our roads as safe as possible. Our regular tree inspections found that these trees have Ash dieback and they now need to be removed for public safety reasons. The work is being co-ordinated to take place outside of peak times in order to minimise disruption.

“We’re continuing to take a proactive approach in managing Ash dieback by regularly monitoring and inspecting Ash trees across Devon when in leaf.

“While we will remove trees when necessary, we are supporting a replanting programme that includes a diverse range of native trees in order to reduce the impact on the environment. We would urge all landowners – however large or small – to arrange an inspection of any trees on their land at the appropriate time and take appropriate action if they represent a safety hazard.”

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