There have been 19 deaths in care homes related to coronavirus in Devon and Cornwall, Office of National Statistics information have revealed.

The figures, published today, relate to all deaths that occurred up to April 10 but were registered up to April 18.

They show 11 deaths have taken place in care homes across the county this year for which COVID-19 is mentioned on the death certificate, while a further eight have taken place in Cornwall

A further 64 deaths have occurred in hospitals in Devon while five deaths were registered as having taken place at home, while in Cornwall, 45 people have died in hospital and five at home.

The ONS figures are split down by local authority area with whom the deaths were registered.

The week’s ending on April 10 and April 3 both show there were 57 deaths across the two counties, with 16 deaths occurring in the week ending March 27 and eight ending March 20. No deaths in the counties occurred prior to that week, the statistics show.

Cornwall has had the highest number of deaths – 58 – but those figures cover the whole county, while in Devon, statistics are broken down by council region.

Plymouth and Torbay have had the highest number of deaths registered at 15, while the lowest authority area is Torridge, with just two. There have no deaths in the Isles of Scilly.

Torridge though was named as one of the areas of the country with the highest percentage of deaths in care homes – 50 per cent – but because one of its two deaths occurred in that setting.


The overall figures for deaths in 2020 related to coronavirus that occurred up to April 10 and were registered up to April 18 show 58 deaths in Cornwall. A further 15 were registered in Plymouth and Torbay, with 13 in Exeter, 11 in Teignbridge, 7 in East Devon, 5 in North Devon, 4 in Mid Devon, West Devon and the South Hams, and 2 in Torridge.

Of deaths in care homes, 8 have happened in Cornwall, 3 in Exeter, two in East Devon and North Devon, and 1 in Plymouth, Torbay, Torridge and West Devon, with none in Mid Devon, South Hams and Teignbridge.

Five deaths have happened at home in Cornwall, with two in Torbay, and one in Exeter, Mid Devon and West Devon.

No deaths have been recorded as taking place in either a hospice or at any other setting.

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