Hallett’s comments are not totally crazy

You would perhaps not have expected Albion head coach Kieran Hallett to do anything else than refuse to admit the race for the National One title was over after the defeat at unbeaten leaders Coventry.

I am sure some people were claiming he was clutching at straws after reading or hearing his comments, and with the quality and depth of squad the big-spending Midlanders have put together, it is very hard to see them slipping up, but with 17 games to go after yesterday’s latest round of fixtures, I don’t think the destiny of the title is quite a fore-gone conclusion yet.

“They have got some tough games ahead but, the way the league is shaping up, every game is a tough game,” said Hallett.
“Will they go the whole season unbeaten like Hartpury? I don’t know. If they do, then fair play. My gut feeling is that they probably won’t. But that’s not something we are going to worry about or control.

“The goal for us is still to try and improve as a team week in week out and one loss doesn’t change that.”

Hallett admitted his side were not at Coventry’s level: “I think a lot of our issues at the weekend were around individual errors.

“Perhaps it was the pressure of the game. I was disappointed by the outcome, but more that it was a big game and we didn’t play to our potential. That frustrated me more. You can’t always control an out- come, but you can control your performance.

“There’s nothing wrong with going away from home, giving it your all and losing. There’s no shame in that. But I didn’t feel that we were 100 per cent at our best at the weekend.”

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