Tamar Saracens are waiting in the wings should Cornish club Hayle be successful in their appeal against promotion to the Cornwall/Devon League, writes Tom Howe.

The Devon One runners-up were initially denied promotion via the Rugby Football Union’s (RFU) decision to conclude the season on a ‘best playing record formula’, with their Cornwall One counterparts Newquay Hornets making the step up alongside title-winning Hayle.

However, Hayle have since informed the RFU that they would struggle to survive at the higher level and have asked if they can skip promotion, giving them a chance to ‘consolidate’ over the coming year.

Saracens chairman, Dan Leeson, told The Independent Tamar were eagerly waiting on information from the RFU, with no doubt in the fact the club’s ambition is to play in the Cornwall/ Devon League.

“Playing in Cornwall/ Devon is exactly where we want to be so yes, if it came about then we would love to go up,” said Leeson, whose team were denied the traditional end of season runners-up promotion play-off as a result of the RFU’s formula.

“We are still preparing as with any other season whether we go up or not. We have ambitions to be in that league. The facilities and the team we have got is worthy of that league. We just need to get out of Devon One because it is a bit of a nightmare really. We were disappointed that the RFU worked the leagues out in that way.

“With the situation at the moment, [the RFU] worked it out on a percentage of games, wins and points, all that kind of stuff and Newquay just pipped us.

“The two leagues differ greatly. There are not as many teams in Cornwall One as there is in Devon One so there is already an advantage there. I am not picking Newquay out, it is not their fault, it is just the way it was decided. “Who knows what would have happened in the play-off?

“We were confident we could have got it and I suppose they would have been confident they would, it is just one of those things.”

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